The Domino Effect

“Good luck getting congress to support the NEED Act” says our adversaries from within the monetary reform movement. As if we expected congress to simply do the right thing. As if we lacked the motivation or the machinations to eventually and gradually leverage our elected government to acquiesce to our demands.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

The ‘domino effect’ is the essence of our strategy.

This blog is just a little “push” towards our greater goals. It is our space to experiment with art and propaganda that is intended to catalyze chain reactions in the way ordinary people think about monetary slavery as well as the actual steps our group takes towards monetary freedom.

We are @OccupyTheNEEDAct. We are a national, mixed-gender, interracial, cross-generational, cross-disciplinary coalition of radical monetary reformers and Occupy Activists. We are very angry but we are also a well-functioning team of highly self-disciplined, resourceful, and determined individuals.

We are the brand new militant wing of the monetary reform community.


We are not merely asking our elected officials for monetary reform, we are steadfastly demanding it. Imagine a diffuse, global, openly-conspiratorial network of non-violent, radical grassroots revolutionary activists, social media experts, educators, artists, historians, economists, and businesspeople from a variety of different political and ideological backgrounds, all collaborating together in order to apply their individual talents toward inspiring and organizing a popular, non-violent, uprising to leverage our elected leaders in the United States Congress to acquiesce to our one single demand. #OccupyTheNEEDAct.

The National Emergency Defense Act is our first step toward ending our public debt bondage once and for all. The NEED Act would create the money and the opportunities for the 99% to demand and fund a student debt jubilee, universal education, a universal health-care system, universal basic guaranteed income, a green new national energy infrastructure, a national liveable wage, a comprehensive public housing system and public elections. The NEED Act is a Green New Deal for The 99%.

The NEED Act is quite possibly the most radical piece of legislation that has ever been written. It deprives 1% of the power of privatized money creation once and for all. The ability to create money out of thin air is the ultimate privilege of the 1% from which the rest of their privileges flow by nationalizing the Federal Reserve. The Fed is an independent corporation of Wall Street insiders masquerading as a part of our government. It is the black hole of our democracy where money becomes politics, where politics becomes money and where Wall Street becomes the US Government and vice versa. Not all of course, but most of the directors of the Federal Reserve have worked for the big banks on Wall Street. It is irresponsible on our part for us to expect them to regulate themselves. Bankers should be regulated by their people, just like governments should be afraid of their people and not the other way around in either example.

We don’t need to set up occupations and demonstrate at every single big bank on Wall street. We can occupy them all simultaneously along with every branch of the Government of the United States of America all at once if we #OccupyTheFed and demand that congress pass the NEED Act.

We learned from Erica Chenoweth’s landmark TedTalk that it only takes approximately 3.5% of population participating in nonviolent direct action to create a systematic change. We realize we have a long way to go of course but we were all apart of the “change in the conversation” that occurred in the fall of 2011. Occupy Wall Street began with barely a few hundred people who showed up to sleep in a park. It transformed itself into a community of dozens of thousands of demonstrators backed up by countless millions of people online by means of the same grassroots and social media tactics that we are applying towards an actual viable demand this time.

Occupy Wall Street taught us how a little bit of effort, indeed the slightest push can create massive, unforeseen chain reactions. We want you to join our conspiracy by simply “pushing a few buttons” in order to help us share the art, ideas and propaganda of a new American grassroots upheaval. So please do PUSH THE BUTTON if you see something on our blog that you like…cause who knows what’ll happen! : )



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