YOU Have The Power To Stop The Fed’s Funding of Police Brutality! Here’s How.

Occupy The NEED Act for Justice and Peace. 


What would you say is more likely to kill you – yes YOU the reader of these words – more quickly; the rising costs of living or your local police force? The answer to that question probably has everything to do your socioeconomic status. The stratification of our individual socioeconomic statuses within all of the different class, race, ethnic, gender and age groups and all of the inherent conflict between all of our different social groups, the rising rates of inequality in spite of our uprising in the fall of 2011, the rising rates of police violence, the rising costs of living and the rise of homelessness are all systematic consequences of the private ownership of the means of creating money by the private Wall Street banking cartel known as the US Federal Reserve Banking System.

Police violence and monetary inflation go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Police violence, all their wages, weapons and lawyers aren’t cheap. The more the Federal and local governments spend on police violence the less they can spend on housing, healthcare, education, job creation, and the higher poverty and the 99%’s desperation rise. The mere media-made illusion of a rise in crime and violence justifies more expenditures on police oppression. More police oppression means more borrowing from the Fed on the backs of the 99%. That means more inflation and less purchasing power. That means real declines in our quality of life due to the rise in the amount of money that the Federal Reserve creates and loans out to violent thugs to oppress struggling people that are stereotyped as violent thugs by the corporate media.

Ironically, the public funds its own oppression with the 1%’s private phoney money. We literally pay the police to rob and murder innocent people in our communities. We have to use the Federal Reserve’s private debt currency to pay the police at our own expense rather than at the government’s expense (let alone Wall Street’s) and we pay the Federal Reserve their own phoney money back at interest just for the mere “privilege” of paying some of that phoney money to the NYPD to “protect and serve” us. It’s not just a hidden or “double tax”, it’s double debt bondage.

Mayor De Blasio has allocated $8.9 billion in public funds for the NYPD for next year. This is of course more than the combined spending on all of the city’s essential social services for the fiscal year. The money that we have to give to the NYPD is literally made out of nothing. You don’t even actually own the money in your wallet or bank account that you “earned” in order to pay to the NYPD for your “protection”, so it’s not even like the city government or the police really take any monetary value from you as they beat you down, even though it sure takes a lot out of your spirit.

The US Dollar is “created” by keystrokes on computers in Federal Reserve banks across the country. The private central Federal Reserve Bank loans these digital 1s and 0s to governments, the government spends some it on us and charge us more of it back to pay back the Federal Reserve the interest the government owes the Federal Reserve for the loan. The Federal reserve wants you to think that the Federal Government of the United States of America governs you, and that local governments manage your safety, but the Federal and local governments and their sadistic police forces are really just thugs, bagmen for the shareholders of the Federal Reserve Banking System. The .01% of the 1%.

The Federal and local governments are and always will be insanely violent thugs, bullies. The shareholders of the Federal Reserve will always be snakes. There is however no need to force these snakes to stand upright and walk like people given how easily it would be to crush them under the heel of the 99%. Make no mistake about it, the shareholders of the central banks are nowhere near as slick as actual serpents. The only reason why they seem smart to anyone is because they have succeeded in dumbing down society to historically unprecedented levels. The actual bureaucracy of the Federal Reserve itself is in no way competent in terms of fulfilling its mandate of 100% full employment and 0% inflation.

Nationalizing the private monetary system with The NEED Act will ensure that police forces are funded with money made by and for the 99% rather than Wall Street. This means that the 99% will own the monetary system and can force the police into protecting and serving the 99%’s interests rather than Wall Street’s while simultaneously forcing the bagmen themselves to bear the burden of making the money to pay for their own costs of serving and protecting the 99%.

Please click here to RSVP to our weekly #FedUpFriday 420 Fight Club where we offer free basic martial arts training to people of all ages and experience levels, a very good class for beginners and families to learn how to protect and defend themselves against the real thugs and chronies of the world.


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