Does Bernie Sanders #FeelTheBern For a #GreenNewDeal?


We’d gladly take Bernie Sanders as president over any of the false choices of the Republican party, although ideally we would rather have Jill Stein as our next President of the United States of America.

We’re not interested in spoiling the election for Senator Sanders as much as we want to shape the national conversation again like we did back in the fall of 2011 so that Senator Sanders will win the presidency in 2016 – but on an agenda that is much more fundamentally and necessarily progressive than his currently is – and also to show the 58% majority of Americans in this country who believe that a third party is necessary because the Democrats and Republicans alike “do such a poor job” representing the American People that the Green Party is the only party that actually represents the best interests of the 99%.

We’re thrilled that Bernie Sanders acknowledges that a grassroots movement is necessary to take our country back from the 1% even if his political agenda isn’t as green as it could be compared to Jill Stein’s based upon a simple comparison of our coalition’s two key issues; 1) ending the global drug war starting with legalizing recreational marijuana, and 2) nationalizing the Federal Reserve Banking System and our nation’s currency.

The organization that successfully campaigned for legalized recreational cannabis for us in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C. only gives Bernie Sanders a B rating for his position on recreational marijuana which he has concerns about based upon other drug addiction epidemics and because he doesn’t think it is the nation’s most pressing concern.

“I’m going to look at the issue. It’s not that I support it or don’t support it. To me it is not one of the major issues facing this country. I’ll look at it. I think it has a lot of support and I’ll be talking to young people and others about the issues. But there are two sides to a story.” TIME, March 4, 2015

Fair enough and not bad Senator Sanders, not bad at all. Jill Stein however already knows that cannabis legalization “is bread-and-butter concerns for young people” and that “this is a constituency that is just itching for a platform of this sort.” She calls for the unequivocal regulation and taxation of marijuana.

“It’s time to get rid of the black market and bring marijuana sales under a legal regulatory framework. In this way, we can staunch the flow of money to illegal drug networks, generate new funds for our communities, improve public safety, and create new jobs in growing hemp for food and fiber.”

Weed isn’t the only thing that Jill Stein is right on the money about. We totally tip our hoodies to Senator Sanders for making former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan #FeelTheBern back in 2003 but an audit of the Fed is just not going to cut it. Sixteen trillion dollars is more money than most average people would even know how to spend. So sure, let’s audit the Fed and find out exactly how the banksters did it and what exactly they spent our money on, but what then? How exactly will the Federal Reserve Transparency Act bail us out of this economic depression? It won’t.

Nationalizing the Federal Reserve to make our nation’s money supply sovereign and independent from the big banks is the most straightforward way to put the big banks back to their proper size and back in their proper place, funding a People’s Bailout and a Green New Deal for the 99%. Jill Stein knows this.

We can nationalize the Fed and ensure that it’s running for public purpose and not simply for private profit.

The National Emergency Employment Defense or The NEED Act is a piece of legislation written by former Congressman Dennis Kucinich which would create full employment at livable wages by investing in rebuilding public infrastructure to reduce our carbon emissions (sec 501). The NEED Act would retire the national debt from the private Wall Street banking cartel (Sec 402). It would abolish our individual medical, housing and student debts which would be paid off with sovereign currency. The NEED Act would pay for universal education (Sec 505), universal health care (Sec 508), public housing (Sec 509) as well as citizens’ dividends up to $10,000 for every single citizen in our country (Sec 507) which could be turned into an annual Universal Basic Income Guarantee.

The NEED Act also happens to be the official monetary plank of The Green Party.

The other big reason why we feel obligated to “mic check” Jill Stein and the Green party a bit louder than Senator Sanders is because the Green Party has been endorsing, mic checking us and indeed actually occupying Wall Street with us – that is Occupy Wall Street, since we took Zuccotti in the fall of 2011. The Green Party was with us on the first anniversary of #OWS and they will of course be with us at Zuccotti Park on this year for our fourth year anniversary while we talk to representatives from her and Bernie Sander’s organizations in the hopes of building a true grassroots movement to finally take our country back from the 1%.  


6 thoughts on “Does Bernie Sanders #FeelTheBern For a #GreenNewDeal?

  1. I would also like to see an SREC’s for all act! Solar production payments linked to, and payed for by carbon payments.The one in WDC is working. The one in MA is working. And Maryland, NJ, Ohio, PA….How is this not a good idea???


    1. Phil, with a public money system and a Congress with its priorities in order we can do much better than taxing carbon, we can eliminate excessive emissions, period, We can do this, without taxing or borrowing by creating the money for localizing food, fuel and energy production, more secure systems, while closing the waste loops, dispersing the population back out of cities and onto the land to build the 21st century’s infrastructure.



    A two-prong assault on the ideological pillars of the Old Societal Paradigm is strategically necessary for a victory in 2016. From a strategic MATERIAL ideological perspective proposing to nationalize the Federal Reserve System via the NEED Act coupled to a Monetary Sovereignty Amendment (MSA) is ON TARGET.

    But ingesting legal THC cannot possibly substitute for a proper and strategic SPIRITUAL ideological perspective which addresses the country’s founding sins, genocide and slavery. The Green Party’s position on race is transparently EVIL and RACIST.

    The Green Party’s position on race is a fake-liberal RACIST “anti-racist” posture which reeks of corruption and ignorance papered over by a deeply ingrained and toxic Anglo-Saxon American (greengrow) racism built on a four-cornered foundation of ethnoracial supremacism, self-absorbed exceptionalism, domestic fascism and foreign imperialism.

    Greengrow racism and its failed satanically-inspired Melting Pot ideology must be addressed and deconstructed, And that begins with a principled Ethnocultural Sovereignty Amendment (ESA).

    Continuing to equivocate on or ignoring the country’s twin founding sins of genocide and slavery insures that the Green Party, USA, continues floundering as a second and third rate political party.

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    1. As a member of the Green Party National Committee I must say the
      Green Party does not equivocate on genocide or slavery and never will. We’re just small and struggling to organize in a society steeped in the big money two-party good and evil dramas. It mainly needs much greater participation. We want monetary sovereignty for all nations so that we can put an end to wars and allow the regeneration of the biosphere and our planets rich diversity of human cultures. Public money will allow us to address not only this nation’s founding sins, but those of civilization itself.

      If there ever were any evil racists in the party they must have had some sort of an epiphany. lets heal the wounds.


    2. I also want to say I completely agree in the two pronged approach you mention, Luis, the Material and Spiritual strategies. Monetary Sovereignty would be established by the NEED Act and an amendment clarifying that would be good. I think THC is medicine that can help people in many ways. I do not believe THC to be a substitute for it but we do need a Spiritual ideology that addresses genocide and slavery, then and now. I would like to hear more about what you think a Monetary Sovereignty amendment should say and more on how you see a strategic SPIRITUAL ideological perspective to address the injustice that has been a feature of civilization for so long. As for the racism in the Green Party it is an easy charge to make against a bunch of old white people who’ve been conditioned by this social system but we are not monolithic and some would like to see others free of that conditioning and attitude expressed subconsciously. I did search on monetary sovereignty and so far those writing about it have some, what appear to be, misconceptions about who creates our money saying government creates it and not the private international banking network. If that were so why would we be paying interest on our money?


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