Why Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans and Independents Should Call Congress for The NEED Act

By Mark Young

What is the NEED Act? The NEED Act (HR 2990) is legislation proposed by Congressman Kucinich and promoted by monetary reformers that uses Article 1 Section 8 of the constitution to return the power to create money to the People and our Government and removes that power from the privately owned Federal Reserve and banks.

  1. Tax Relief

Regardless of your view point, people can agree that less taxes are ultimately a good thing. Reducing or eliminating taxes puts more money in the pockets of citizens and help the economy. The NEED Act allows for tax reduction or elimination without increasing the debt or reducing the safety net, services or investments to society.

  1. The Debt

The United States debt is currently 18 trillion dollars and anyone that lives under a household budget knows that this amount of debt and our annual deficits are unsustainable. The NEED Act allows for the elimination of existing debt and future spending without new debt.

  1. Wage and Income Disparity

One of the biggest problems plaguing all demographics and corners of society is the growing wage and income disparity. The NEED Act would allow for the creation of a living wage and for businesses to afford to pay their employees more through the elimination or reduction of corporate and personal taxes.

third world
  1. 3rd World Development

The economic development of third world countries would allow those countries to stimulate development and provide jobs to their citizens. This eliminates the need for US assistance and for outside investments in these areas and also reduces the instability seen in many countries by providing better economic prosperity for its citizens. Every country has the ability to enact similar legislation to the NEED Act in their nations.

big gov
  1. Smaller More Efficient Government

A smaller active government that still provides for citizens without becoming intrusive can also be an outcome of the NEED Act. The reduction or elimination of state, local and federal taxes reduces government intrusion and everyday life by its very nature.

  1. Infrastructure Improvement

The NEED Act would fund the trillions of dollars needed to rebuild our infrastructure and provide for more renewable resources without increasing the debt or privatizing public infrastructure.

  1. Elimination of Welfare and an Improved Safety Net

Welfare programs as structured today whether in the form of SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare, SSI or other programs can be virtually eliminated or reduced with the NEED Act. The traditional methods of utilizing wealth redistribution practices has created animosity in our society between various economic classes. The NEED Act can provide people with jobs at a living wage and remove the need for such programs and provide for a dignified retirement.

  1. 100% employment

Everyone should agree that working is better than receiving handouts. The NEED Act supports 100% employment through government jobs programs, if necessary, without increasing the debt or taxation.


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