Mental Health Crisis, the NEED Act & Bernie Sanders for POTUS



People all over the world experience debilitating mental health illnesses that are all too often swept under the rug as private matters that one should not discuss, especially in Western society, while greedy corporate industrial conglomerates whose media pundits propagandize for them rape our planet, our minds, and our souls and profit off our illnesses with man made drugs while with-holding our means to cure ourselves with what resources nature has provided us. The true sickness is being well adjusted in this society that breeds depression and suicide. In other societies mental health illness is actually seen as a signal that someone is becoming a “spiritual healer” and has a vital message for the community from the spirit realm. It is not treated as pathology but rather an energetic imbalance in need of re-alignment.

We all deserve a world and society in which we can thrive, rather than one that is deliberately designed to keep us depressed from debt and too distracted to do anything about it. Many of the links in this blog are to encourage further discussion about the topics raised here like suicide, the over prescribing of pharmacological medications to children and teens, cannabis as a treatment for PTSD in adults and children, and how the pharmaceutical, educational, prison and military industrial complexes all work together and against the people and especially youth of our society.

Wall street is waging a war against the 99% by way of crippling debt in student loans, medical bills, mortgages etc… and the mental health crisis we are in is a major symptom of the economic decline of western civilization. Occupy The NEED Act is working with people from The People For Bernie Sanders 2016 and the Green Party to get Bernie talking about legislation that could fund an end to the economic and psychological depression of our society, with The NEED Act.

All of this freely flowing dis-ease is in fact linked to our privately owned, corporately controlled, debt based monetary system that currently resides in the hands of Wall Street. We can take back control of the dis-ease in our money and our minds by letting debt free sovereign money flow freely to the 99% by shifting the ownership of who controls the money supply from Wall Street to the US Treasury by passing the NEED Act as well as ending the global drug war.

We must acknowledge and create safe space to talk about a very real and very common illness that has reached epidemic proportions in our society, a much greater threat to American citizens’ lives than any made up “them” or “they” the elite in power can concoct. It’s not that we need to eradicate things like anti depressants. These and other drugs can be potentially harmful for many yet also potentially helpful for others. What we need to do is eradicate the conditions in which mental disease of epidemic proportions breed, as well as the incentives for doctors to work for the pharmaceutical companies.

The answers are always so much more simple than we imagine they could possibly be. Please share this blog on your social media pages and tweet about The NEED Act to @BernieSanders and your congressional representatives and tell them to sponsor the NEED Act, HR 2990 of the 112th Congress in order to fund an end to the mental health crisis in America.


The Fed, The Housing Crises and How to Fund Sustainable Housing

What is Sustainable Housing? 

There are two components: physically sustainable and financially sustainable. Physically sustainable means our housing stock renewal is in line with resource renewal and that it is energy-efficient.


The materials part can be achieved by reducing, re-using and recycling building materials and using materials obtained from renewable sources.  The energy part can be achieved by retro-fitting existing buildings to meet much higher energy-efficiency standards and by ensuring that all new buildings are built to the highest energy-efficiency standards.  The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) systems developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) are an example of what can be done.

green energy playground

Financially sustainable means our housing is affordable and that housing options are available to suit everyone’s budget, on an ongoing basis.


There are two basic ways this can be achieved:

1) Decrease the price of housing; 2) Increase people’s incomes.

1) and 2) can be done at the same time.  Housing prices can be decreased by decreasing housing costs.  This can be achieved by various means, including reducing housing costs to homeowners by modifying mortgages, making sure that these savings are passed on to renters in the form of lower rents, and directly providing more affordable public, social and community housing options to keep downward pressure on overall housing market costs.

To solve the housing crises we need to make sure everyone has a good living environment and can afford to live in it.  An obvious first step is to make sure that people can stay in the homes they’re in, and those that have been foreclosed on can get back into good homes.  This requires resolving the mortgages crisis.  The National Emergency Employment Defense (NEED) Act provides for investment priorities in Title V, including for resolving the mortgage crisis in Section 509:



The Congress shall be aware that funding through this Act is available for Congressional enactments for resolving aspects of the mortgage crisis.”

In addition, the NEED Act provides debt-free grants and interest-free loans to State and local governments which can go toward funding sustainable housing infrastructure and affordable housing solutions in local communities:


(a) IN GENERAL.—Each year, the Monetary Authority shall instruct the Secretary to disperse grants over a 12-month period to the States equal to 25 percent of the money created under this title in the prior year. In the first year the amount of such grants shall be 25 percent of the anticipated money creation in that first year.

(b) USE OF GRANTS FOR BROAD-BASED PURPOSES.—The States may use such funds in broadly designated areas of public infrastructure, education, health care and rehabilitation, pensions, and paying for unfunded Federal mandates.”


Before the end of the 180-day period beginning on the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall provide recommendations to the Congress for a program of interest-free lending of United States Money to State and local governmental entities, including school boards and emergency fire services for infrastructure improvements under their control and within their jurisdictions, based on per capita amounts and other criteria to assure equity as determined by the Monetary Authority.”

Because different communities have different circumstances, State and local governments are better placed to address the specific housing needs of the communities they serve.

US Housing Misery Index
US Housing Misery Index

The NEED Act provides us with the means to provide the funding sources needed to achieve the sustainable housing we need now and need even more moving forward into the future.  See here for more background and explanation.


How to Fund a Single Payer System

What is a Single Payer System? 


By Jamie Walton, 11/13/2014

It is an understanding that good health care is a basic human right and that having a healthy population is essential for a healthy economy and the well-being of everyone in society.  Everyone benefits from having healthy people around them rather than sick people around them, therefore it’s in everyone’s interest to have is a health care system that treats everyone with the best possible health care.  A good health care system is a  public good like a good road system because everyone benefits simply from it being there, no matter how much they use it directly themselves.

To solve the health care crises we need to fully fund our health care system all the way from primary care to tertiary care.  The National Emergency Employment Defense (NEED) Act provides for investment priorities in Title V, including for health care in Section 508:



The Congress shall be aware that funding through this Act is available for a universal health care plan as may be enacted by Congress.”

In addition, the NEED Act provides the States with debt-free grants which can go toward funding the delivery of health care and rehabilitation in local communities:


(a) IN GENERAL.—Each year, the Monetary Authority shall instruct the Secretary to disperse grants over a 12-month period to the States equal to 25 percent of the money created under this title in the prior year. In the first year the amount of such grants shall be 25 percent of the anticipated money creation in that first year.

(b) USE OF GRANTS FOR BROAD-BASED PURPOSES.—The States may use such funds in broadly designated areas of public infrastructure, education, health care and rehabilitation, pensions, and paying for unfunded Federal mandates.”

The NEED Act provides us with the means to provide the extra funding needed to achieve a free at source health care system so that nobody has to go into debt or go bankrupt to get the health care our modern economy needs and can provide.  See here for more background and explanation.

The Fed, Capitalism and Sovereign Currency

What is the Fed?  What is Capitalism?  What is Sovereign Currency?

By Jamie Walton, October 13, 2014

First it’s most important to define terms. What is the Fed?


The Fed is what we call the Federal Reserve System.  It consists of a Board of Governors in Washington D.C. and 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks.  The Board of Governors is an “independent governmental agency” which comes under the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government.  The 12 Federal Reserve Banks are “nongovernmental organizations, set up similarly to private corporations” in that they have stock which is held by each of the private banks in their district that are members. (

The Fed is not owned by a few wealthy Americans and Europeans.  That is nothing more than a “conspiracy theory” and should be disregarded.  For more detailed information, see:

What is Capitalism?


Capitalism is what we call the economic system that we say we live under.  Wikipedia defines Capitalism as “an economic system in which trade, industry, and the means of production are largely or entirely privately owned and operated for profit.”  Investopedia defines Capitalism as a “system of economics based on the private ownership of capital and production inputs, and on the production of goods and services for profit.”  A central characteristic of Capitalism is capital accumulation.  There are two fundamental types of capital: real capital (factories, machinery, etc.), and financial capital (financial assets or the financial value of assets, such as cash, i.e., money).  In practice, capital accumulation means financial capital accumulation, i.e., the accumulation of money.  But where does that money come from?  Under the present monetary system, all money is created or controlled by the banking system.  All deposits in bank accounts are created by banks when they make loans or purchases.  Even physical cash has to initially be withdrawn from a pre-existing bank account, meaning someone had to go into debt to a bank or sell something to a bank before even a penny can get into circulation.

Thus, what we call Capitalism could be called “Bankism” since the whole economic system is subject to the banking system, because in a monetary economy, nothing moves without money, and all the provision of money is completely controlled by the banking system.

What is Sovereign Currency? 


Sovereign Currency is Sovereign money: “Sovereign money is legal tender (lawful money) issued by a state [national] authority” (  Sovereign money is legal tender, on hand as well as on account or mobile storage device. It contrasts with commercial bank money, i.e. demand deposits, also called sight deposits, as currently used for cashless payment.  As to the wording, there are alternatives such as safe, sound or stable money (in various connections), liquid money (M. Schemmann), plain money (J. Huber / J. Robertson), chartal money (derived from chartalism), state money (R. Werner), public money (K. Yamaguchi), constitutional money (R. Morrison) and, specifically in the United States, U.S. money (S. Zarlenga). Sovereign money seems best to encapsulate what it is all about. Beyond descriptive aspects, the notion of sovereign money also conveys the constitutional dimension of the monetary prerogative which is one of the most important sovereign rights.  For more detailed information, see:

Note that Sovereign Currency is Constitutional and legal/lawful, and can be issued without any associated debt or interest.  In the U.S., coins issued by the U.S. Mint since 1792 are Sovereign Currency and are an asset to the holder and a liability (debt) to nobody.  What that means is it provides spending power without owing anything.  Sovereign Currency is accompanied by a special advantage called seigniorage, which creates net income:

Seigniorage and Net Income

Seigniorage is the difference between the face value and cost of producing circulating coinage. The Mint transfers seigniorage to the Treasury General Fund”

(U.S. Mint 2013 Annual Report, page 6:

Seigniorage enables us to receive public goods and services without taxing or borrowing.  This is a very important thing to know.  It can solve most of the problems in each country.


How does the NEED Act fit in?

The National Emergency Employment Defense (NEED) Act, introduced as H.R. 2990 in the 112th Congress, fully restores the Constitutional power of Congress over money in the U.S. (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5).

The NEED Act abolishes the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and establishes a Monetary Authority to conduct monetary policy in accordance with the law.  The NEED Act nationalizes the 12 Federal Reserve Banks by buying back their stock from their member banks and incorporates them as a bureau of the U.S. Treasury alongside the U.S. Mint and Bureau of Engraving and Priniting.

The NEED Act removes the power from banks to create and control our money supply and places it within the checks and balances of our democratic representative government.   The NEED Act makes all U.S. money sovereign currency: an asset to the holder and a liability to nobody.  It ends the system of creating our money with debt and interest.

The NEED Act enables the Congress to promote the General Welfare and approve spending on much needed infrastructure, education, health care, grants for state governments and an interest-free loan facility for local governments, mortgage relief, social security assurance, pays off the national debt as it comes due, and much much more – all without taxing or borrowing a dime, and all without causing inflation. For more information, see:

What kind of economic system will we have with the NEED Act?  Perhaps a new name will have to be coined.  Whatever we decide to call it, it will be Constitutional and democratic.


Enter the Leisure Society

Can you imagine living in a truly liberated society?

Can you imagine living in a society that gives, rather than takes, money from you?

Can you imagine living in a society that pays you, as opposed to nickeling and diming you?

Can you imagine living in a society in which your voice matters more than your money?

Can you imagine living in a society that gives you a home instead of a kick to the curb?

Can you imagine living in a society that educates you rather than dumbs you down?

Can you imagine living in a society that keeps you healthy instead of making you sick?

Can you imagine living on a prosperous rather than a polluted planet earth?

We understand that it might honestly be too much of a leap for you.

It is possible however.

The greatest hurdle to living in a liberated society has less to do with the state and more to do with the feeling of stupidity and regret that washes over everyone who comes to realize that they were not merely holding, but clenching the key to the padlock on their chains so tightly out of anger that they were incapable of using it and that they could’ve been free all along if only they had known better.

This is why Harriet Tubman said that she freed a thousand slaves, but that she could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.

Would you even be able to acknowledge the fact that you are in fact a debt-slave if we were to tell you that we have the key to ending public debt-bondage?

It’s called the NEED Act by the way.

Are you overjoyed because you now know that there is a key to set you free from having to work some job you hate in order to pay bills you shouldn’t have to pay in the first place? Will you go out and live an amazing life once you are liberated from monetary slavery? Or would you angrily and selfishly insist that everyone should have to work like slaves in order to pay bills because you once had to?

WIll you ruin the leisure society for the rest of us out of personal resentment or will you forfeit some of your “free-time” to fight for it?



The Domino Effect

“Good luck getting congress to support the NEED Act” says our adversaries from within the monetary reform movement. As if we expected congress to simply do the right thing. As if we lacked the motivation or the machinations to eventually and gradually leverage our elected government to acquiesce to our demands.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

The ‘domino effect’ is the essence of our strategy.

This blog is just a little “push” towards our greater goals. It is our space to experiment with art and propaganda that is intended to catalyze chain reactions in the way ordinary people think about monetary slavery as well as the actual steps our group takes towards monetary freedom.

We are @OccupyTheNEEDAct. We are a national, mixed-gender, interracial, cross-generational, cross-disciplinary coalition of radical monetary reformers and Occupy Activists. We are very angry but we are also a well-functioning team of highly self-disciplined, resourceful, and determined individuals.

We are the brand new militant wing of the monetary reform community.


We are not merely asking our elected officials for monetary reform, we are steadfastly demanding it. Imagine a diffuse, global, openly-conspiratorial network of non-violent, radical grassroots revolutionary activists, social media experts, educators, artists, historians, economists, and businesspeople from a variety of different political and ideological backgrounds, all collaborating together in order to apply their individual talents toward inspiring and organizing a popular, non-violent, uprising to leverage our elected leaders in the United States Congress to acquiesce to our one single demand. #OccupyTheNEEDAct.

The National Emergency Defense Act is our first step toward ending our public debt bondage once and for all. The NEED Act would create the money and the opportunities for the 99% to demand and fund a student debt jubilee, universal education, a universal health-care system, universal basic guaranteed income, a green new national energy infrastructure, a national liveable wage, a comprehensive public housing system and public elections. The NEED Act is a Green New Deal for The 99%.

The NEED Act is quite possibly the most radical piece of legislation that has ever been written. It deprives 1% of the power of privatized money creation once and for all. The ability to create money out of thin air is the ultimate privilege of the 1% from which the rest of their privileges flow by nationalizing the Federal Reserve. The Fed is an independent corporation of Wall Street insiders masquerading as a part of our government. It is the black hole of our democracy where money becomes politics, where politics becomes money and where Wall Street becomes the US Government and vice versa. Not all of course, but most of the directors of the Federal Reserve have worked for the big banks on Wall Street. It is irresponsible on our part for us to expect them to regulate themselves. Bankers should be regulated by their people, just like governments should be afraid of their people and not the other way around in either example.

We don’t need to set up occupations and demonstrate at every single big bank on Wall street. We can occupy them all simultaneously along with every branch of the Government of the United States of America all at once if we #OccupyTheFed and demand that congress pass the NEED Act.

We learned from Erica Chenoweth’s landmark TedTalk that it only takes approximately 3.5% of population participating in nonviolent direct action to create a systematic change. We realize we have a long way to go of course but we were all apart of the “change in the conversation” that occurred in the fall of 2011. Occupy Wall Street began with barely a few hundred people who showed up to sleep in a park. It transformed itself into a community of dozens of thousands of demonstrators backed up by countless millions of people online by means of the same grassroots and social media tactics that we are applying towards an actual viable demand this time.

Occupy Wall Street taught us how a little bit of effort, indeed the slightest push can create massive, unforeseen chain reactions. We want you to join our conspiracy by simply “pushing a few buttons” in order to help us share the art, ideas and propaganda of a new American grassroots upheaval. So please do PUSH THE BUTTON if you see something on our blog that you like…cause who knows what’ll happen! : )


Enter The Second American Revolution!

The National Emergency Employment Defense (NEED) Act will fund a people’s bailout in the form of debt jubilees for homeowners, students and sick people with medical debt.

The NEED Act will end the great recession with a citizen’s dividend of $10,000 dollars for every man, woman and child in the United States of America, a national livable wage and full employment rebuilding a green new renewable energy, agriculture, housing and transportation infrastructures for the 99%.

The NEED Act will fully fund publicly financed elections getting Wall Streets privatized money out of politics once and for all.

The NEED Act will end trickle down economics and our debt-based monetary system once and for to ensure that we never suffer another catastrophic man-made economic collapse by creating sovereign currency, or positive money through social spending on public housing, full-education, and a single payer healthcare system.

The NEED act can also be used to facilitate the integration of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin into a modernized monetary system.

The NEED Act will establish a publicly appointed and accountable Monetary Authority to oversee the distribution of new sovereign, debt-free currency to fund our people’s bailout, Green New Deal and also to permanently take the power of money creation away from the Wall Street banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve Banking System for the public under the United States Treasury.

Congressional sponsorship for the National Emergency Employment Defense Act is the one demand that Occupy Wall Street should have made in the fall of 2011.

We are an eclectic, cross-disciplinary, diffuse, nation wide, coalition of grass-roots occupiers and social media experts, monetary reformers, counter-economists and artists who are sick of getting angry and who are ready to get even using the same strategies, tactics and networks that enabled Occupy to change the conversation in the fall of 2011, but this time with one very clear nation-wide demand:

Occupy The NEED Act!

Please read the NEED Act

Please contact your representative in congress using this website and demand that they sponsor the HR 2990 of the 112th Congress.

Please help us spread the word on social media.
Twitter: @OccupyNEEDAct

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Join us in person at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY at 33 Liberty Street New York, NY 10045 every #FedUp Friday at 5:30pm.